The church seeks to set aside 20% of its total income budget towards causes beyond the immediate life of the congregation. This is accomplished through direct donations and fund raising  that are underwritten from the church’s resources should targets prove ambitious. In this way, the church can guarantee a minimum amount to various projects, enabling forward planning.

Donations for any of these causes can be directed to
Church of Christ Wembley Downs
BSB 736-000
A/c No. 070510
 a brief description of the purpose for the donation

These may include:

Local school chaplaincy

Churchlands Senior High School is serviced by two chaplains that ensure full time coverage of around 1800 students and staff. Funding for their positions is comprised of contributions from local churches and businesses, the school community and local government grants. Funding from the Federal Government Chaplaincy scheme has not been sought or accessed. YouthCare is the service provider for school chaplaincy, ensuring a competent and accountable service to WA schools and the wider community.

Partnership in Zimbabwe

Sir Garfield Todd, once Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia before it gained independence and formed Zimbabwe, forged strong links between the churches of the Restoration Movement in Australia, New Zealand and Zimbabwe. The legacy remains strong and vibrant, and the Downs church has been involved in establishing a dairy herd, continuing support for housing and educating AIDs orphans, and sinking wells for relocated communities in rural areas.

Reaching out in Cusco

A member of our church community, while in Peru, married and stayed and, with her husband, now raises her family in Cusco. An occupational therapist, she began doing volunteer work amongst the poor, particularly in the burns unit of the hospital. Her frequent visits to her home here have established a strong rapport with the healing work in which she is involved.

Feeding the local Food Bank

WA’s mining boom yields a two-speed economy, driving up the cost of living throughout the state. Consequently the rise of the “working poor” necessitates a variety of supplementary support, both through government and local community initiative. The local Food Bank is supported by our neighbouring churches through volunteer staff and regular supplies. It is located at the Community of Christ, Lombardy Street, Woodlands, and is open for business on Wednesday mornings.

Global Mission Partners

This is the mission and aid arm of Churches of Christ in Australia. It has a long history of partnering with the church scene in India, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu, with more recent involvement in Zimbabwe and Vietnam. More information here. 

Australian Churches of Christ Indigenous Ministries

Churches of Christ in Australia have participated in Australia’s troubled history concerning its indigenous population. Nevertheless the churches’ role in Aboriginal mission and welfare over the years has won respect from both Aboriginal and non-indigenous sectors of the community. The national reconciliation process necessitates a time of transition, patient listening, and indigenous leadership support.  Their website is under reconstruction but can be monitored here.

Act for Peace

The National Council of Churches provides us further opportunity to participate in specific ecumenical aid projects through Act for Peace. While Act for Peace sponsors the well-known Christmas Bowl Appeal, the Downs church believes its work deserves support around the calendar. More details here. 

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  1. Sir Garfield was Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia.

  2. Thanks, correction noted and inserted!

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