So what is The Downs Church?

Its full name is the Church of Christ Wembley Downs Inc.

The church has  been part of the Wembley Downs, Perth, Western Australia community since 1965 – when the newly established suburb really began to take off. Local residents, encouraged by the Subiaco Church of Christ in particular and Churches of Christ in WA overall, began meeting in a private home to dream what a local church for this particular community night look like. The story began to write itself from there.

The Downs church evolved over the years to what is now described on these pages. Look around at your leisure. Feel free to “follow” us as we keep adding to the story.

The Church of Christ at Wembley Downs is a member of Churches of Christ in Western Australia and is also affiliated with the Council of Churches of Western Australia. While this church has its historic roots in the Restoration Movement of early 19th century Britain and the USA, it reflects a contemporary simplicity in its worship, witness and mission.

Although enjoying regular interaction and partnership with churches across the denominational spectrum, its distinctive features are:

  • a strong concern for Christian unity
  • a commitment to social justice
  • a commitment to mission and evangelism
  • an emphasis on being a church that is true to the New Testament
  • a simple confession of faith
  • the practice of believers’ baptism
  • the weekly celebration of communion
  • congregational self-governance
  • every believer involved in ministry
  • acceptance and welcome of diversity

Our neighbouring churches aspire to the Lund principle, seeking to work together whenever we possibly can. Hence we honour and respect our regular partners – Wembley Downs Uniting Church, Coastal Community (Wembley Downs), St Paul’s Anglican Church (Woodlands-Wembley Downs), Community of Christ (Woodlands), Holy Rosary (Woodlands) and Holy Spirit (City Beach)

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  1. Congratulations to The Downs on establishing this excellent web page! A clean, crisp look, and lots of interesting content. I shall be a regular visitor!

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