Stations of the Resurrection #3:


  1. Jesus eats with disciples and explains the Scriptures

Jesus & disciples eatingLuke 24:36b-48

The risen Christ made himself known to two grieving disciples after he had walked with them on the road to Emmaus and they had offered hospitality. Some days later he eats and teaches with the  larger group of disciples.

Luke’s resurrection accounts are completely antithetical to the Jewish hope in those days for a great, dramatic, and mighty warrior Messiah who would suddenly come and – in one climactic moment – rescue them from all of their travails, smash their oppressors beneath his heel, and raise the Jews up forever and ever. In a sense, this gospel is a corrective for unrealistic expectations. Both appearances are very simple scenes where everything occurred in rhythms of ordinary life –  at the normal pace of walking, eating, and talking. Jesus always appeared in human flesh, and he emphasised that fact. And yet, everything that happened was divine, extraordinary, and imbued with genuine complexity. Luke is instructing the Christians to expect the unexpected, but to watch fir it within their normal lives. Additionally, in both accounts Jesus appeared to more than one person, clearly suggesting that the Christian followers search for their experience of resurrection –  the living reign of God – in community.

– Alexander Shaia, Heart and Mind, p 320

For further reflection:

  1. Where might you recognise the presence of
    Mystery in your day to day living and
  2. Do I have the patience to wait for a maturing of heart and mind before speaking with others and meeting them at their place on life’s journey rather than where we think they should be?
  3. Let us ask for the grace of freedom, respect and safety for others as the risen Christ travels with us.

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