WA Civil Society Climate Justice Roundtable


As the result of a letter in the West Australian today under my signature, there have been enquiries about the WA Civil Society Climate Justice Roundtable. Because this church operates under its own locally developed environmental policy and, as a member of the Council of Churches of WA, endorses the Roundtable, I have posted their manifesto here. Just click on the link above.


Dennis Ryle

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4 thoughts on “WA Civil Society Climate Justice Roundtable

  1. dalcant@bigpond.com January 21, 2013 — 5:54 pm

    Looks good! Dot

  2. Great document . I didn’t see today’s paper but I’ll try to follow it up on line. Thank you Dennis!

  3. Sadly, I didn’t see anything in there about preaching the Gospel to the lost???????

  4. Neil

    Thanks for your comment. The ???????? deserve a response.
    As the Civil Society Climate Justice Roundtable is neither a church nor an agency of the church, I would not expect to see any reference there about preaching the Gospel to the lost.
    “Why should churches be involved?” you might then ask.
    The same reason churches have been involved with society’s concerns throughout history in education, health, and justice issues. We are called to live the gospel through engagement. Roundtables are where one sits with others, listens respectfully and shares thoughtfully around a particular topic. Churches have a deep perspective born of biblical wisdom and stewardship to bring to the table on climate change. They should share it.

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